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Backpacker's Beach

Backpacker's Beach

Sleep in a hammock on the beach

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About Us:

Years ago, if you went to the beach, you stayed in a place like this – a room strung with hammocks, screened in to keep the bugs out, palm roof to keep the sun out, cold beer and seafood; fresh seafood bought from the fisherman who caught it and cooked on a charcoal grill. It was a short on creature comforts, but it was heaven.

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Facilities & Services:

Backpacker's Beach has a pool, which the old hotels lacked, but other than that it's just as stated above. Now you can enjoy your cold beer in the pool – as I say, heaven.

There is a small fishing community nearby where you can buy your fish and the hotel has a grill you can cook it on. Also the hotel's cook will be glad to prepare it for you.

...not to mention an empty beach stretching in either direction as far as the eye can see.


$13 per person, per night – including a hammock.

Of Special Note:

The hotel is located at Km. 1555 on the way from Monterrico to Hawaii

Monterrico hotel

Backpacker's Beach
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